Affichage des articles du 2017

Bonne année 2018 !!!

Dress: Mossu for Uber
Dress: Secret stories at Collabor88

Encore plus de chat

Hair:TRUTH, Tinsley GIFT Necklace:Exile, Liaison  Ears:Yokai, Chibi ears Lingerie:NANA, Yuna For SuicideDollz Tail:Kaithleen's, Kitty Set Shoes:REIGN, Heart Platform  Cat:Comet, moon kitty Cat White: Kitty Galore Unicorn Charger:Bueno, for The Arcade


Hair:Navy&Copper, Cherry for ShinyShabby Top:Kaithleen's, Sweater with fur lining for Trèschic Skirt:Yokai, Keep Dreaming Gacha for SaNaRaeEvent Pose:andika, large snowflake Gift

Loli & Ana on ice

Hair:Doe, Noel Dress:Miss Chelsea, Lulu Dress for N21 Necklace:Yokai, Ice Kingdom Headband:Miss Chelsea, Lulu Kissmas for N21

Joyeux Noël !!

Hair: Bold & Beauty, Arwen Body:Yokai, Angel Gacha for Lootbox Wings: Yokai, Angel Gacha for Lootbox Diadem:Yokai, Angel Gacha for Lootbox Bracelet:Yokai, Angel Gacha for Lootbox Toys:Yokai, Christmas Toys for Limit8 Cane Back:Una, Kawai Headphone Gacha for Kawai Project Bunny:Half-Deer, Moon Bunny-Angelic

NoëL enneigé

Hair:TRUTH, Ginevra Gift Top:Una, Nanao Gacha for PocketGacha Cardigan: Kaithleen's, Knit Cardigan for Winter TrendFair Pant:Kaithleen's, Latex Leggings for Winter TrendFair Shoes:Una, Nanao Gacha for Pocket Gacha Marshmallow:REIGN, Marshmallow lover cocoa Gift 

Le vole des colombes

Hair:Navy&Copper, Pineapple Dress:Kaithleen's, Cressy Dress Free Hunt Gift 

Traîneau de noel

Hair:Monso, Jane Crown:elikatera, Lalora Dress:Una, Winter Dress for We <3 RP Snowman: Ninety, Snowman Cupcake


Hair:Wasabi, Hazel Dress:Kaithleen's, Asymetric Dress for ShinyShabby


Hair:TRUTH, Ginevra Top:NANA, Holly Top for Suicide DollZ

flocon de neige

Hair:Olive, The Holi for Tannenbaum Scarf:Una, Rain Dat for The Imaginarium Boots:Una, Rain Dat for The Imaginarium Dress: VCO, Denim Look

Dog:Yokai, SnowFlake, puppy with candy Gacha for The imaginarium Panda:Half-Deer Snow Cat:Half-Deer for Tannenbaum Space Heather:Mish Mish for Collabor88 Fawn:Mish Mish

L'hiver vient

Hair:TRUTH, Irena Top:Kaithleen's, Offshoulder Fur Top for Très Chic
Headphone:Yokai, First Snow for SaNaRae Event

Première neige

Hair:Navy&Copper, BlackBerry Headband:=Zenith=, Gift Dress:Una, Maid Cafe for Cookish Fair Boa:Kaithleen's, Fur Boa

Etoile glacée

Hair:TRUTH, Ice  Crown:Yokai, Starless Night Gacha for Whimsical Stars:Yokai, Starless Night Gacha for Whimsical Romper & Fur top:Kaithleen's, Glossy Romper for Sad November

Blanche Neige

Hair: tram Dress:Una, SnowWhitefor The Enchantement Mouse:Yokai, Amis de Blanche Neige Gacha for The Enchantement Coffin:Mushilu, for The Enchantement

La petite famille

Hair:TRUTH, Makena Horns:C L A Vv, Shattered Angel  Dress:Kaithleen's, Rina Dress for Shiny Shabby Bunny in cup:Yokai, Cute Little Family Gacha for The GachaGarden Rosa Maria: Yokai, Cute Little Family Gacha RARE for The GachaGarden

Le temps qui passe

Hair:TRUTH, Irenka Vip Gift Dress:Nana, Elia Hangover Hoodie for Suicide DollZ

Le temps des fleurs

Hair:Navy&Copper, Apple for N21 Headband:+Half-Deer+, Baby Blossom - Hydrangea Crown Gacha Body:Una, AstraBody for KinkyEvent

Call the devil

Hair:Beusy, Raven for TheEpiphanie Top: Pixicat, Dusk Top Pant:NANA, Joah Pant  Phone:Yokai, Scary Phone-Cat (RARE) Gacha for SaNaRae Event

Purple Kitty

Hair:Beusy, Thorn for The Epiphanie Body&Tail:Kaithleen's, Kitty


Hair:Tableau Vivant, Braidy Gacha for TheEpiphanie Crown:Yokai, Dead Garden for TDSF5 Necklce: Kaithleen's, Thunder Necklace for The Epiphanie Body:Kaithleen's for The Epiphanie Background&pose:Astralia, Horrorfest backdrop for The Epiphanie Flowers on foot: Yokai, Dead Garden for TDSF5

Dear Witch

Hair:Navy&Copper, Avacado Headpiece:NANA, Spiderweb Mask for TheDayof the Dead Dress:Una, Ms Draculina for Secret Hideout Arm:Una, Ms Draculina for SecretHideout

Falling light

Hair:Magika ,Friday Jumpsuit:Kaithleen's, Ava Chance Catsuit for Black Fair Arms:NANA, Holly Black Sleeve for SuicideDollz Dropper:Yokai&ERSCH, Cutie Cure Gacha for SecretHideout


Hair:Moon, Solstice Hairpin:Yokai, Dead Waitress Gacha for TheNightmare Event Scythe:Yokai, Mrs.death Gacha for The GachaGuardians Lantern: Yokai, Mrs.death Gacha for The GachaGuardians Dress:Una, Kaima Bond Gacha for We <3 RP
Ballons:+Half-Deer+, Fairylight ballons Tree:Mushilu, NecroCrypt Gacha for We <3 RP Tombe:Mushilu, NecroCrypt Gacha for We<3 RP Fence:Mushilu, NecroCrypt Gacha for We<3 RP


In Bleu (Lolita)
Hair:Stealthic, Genesis Dress:Kaithleen's, 3000 Group Gift
In Pink
Hair:Wasabi Pills, Opal Choker:Yokai, Tale of Cinderella Gacha Dress:Kaithleen's, 3000 Group Gift

Cute but psycho

Hair:Navy&Copper, Strawberry Body:Kaithleen's, Imperfect top for Très Chic Socks:C'est la VieShoes:Astralia XMomento, Notice me senpai Gacha

Autumn is the season of Ghosts

Hair:Wasabi Pills, Opal Headband:*LODE*, Bagatiba Gacha Dress:Kaithleen's, Slip Dress for Cosmopolitan Ghosts:Yokai, Ghost Town Gacha for SaNaRaeEvent Shoes: BREATH, Day after Day

Sakura Garden

Hair:Moon, Solstice for Kustom9 Horns:Yokai, Sakura Garden Gacha for Lootbox Wand:Yokai, Sakura Garden Gacha Rarefor Lootbox Dress:Kaithleen's, Huggy Dress for Cosmopolitan

Lovely Bunny

Hair:Due, Tess Dress:Una, Sigrun - Blouse for Lootbox Ears:Yokai, Playful Bunny for Limit8 Collar:Yokai, Playful Bunny Gacha for Limit8 Bunny:+Half-Deer+, Moon Bunny

Welcome in my dark room

Hair:TRUTH, Group Gift September Diadem:Yokai, Victoria GACHA for On9 Necklace:Yokai, Victoria Gacha for On9 Top & Skirt:Kaithleen's, Frou Frou for Frou Frou Event

Amour de brebis

Hair:::Exile::,Break the rules for Collabor88 Horns:Yokai, Forest Fairy Gacha for We <3 RP Dress::Moon Amore:, Grateful Outfit for Collabor88

Fall Angel

Hair:::Exile::, Gina Harness: NANA, Eurielle Light Pack Wings Harness for SuicideDollz Bunny: +Half-Deer+,Moon Bunny

Brume automnal

Hair:Stealthic, Genesis Headpiece:Wicca's Wardrobe Shirt & Skirt:Una, Lana for TheLiaisonCollaborative Pumpkin:Yokai, Om-Nom-nom Gacha RARE for TheImaginarium


Hair:::Bold & Beauty::, Arwen Arms:*jb* Outfit:Una, Daynerys for WE <3 RP Crown:NANA, Karliene Gold Crown for The Darkness Monthly Event

Sugar addict

Hair:Doe, Aspen Jumpsuit:TETRA, Formation playsuit Hearts on face:Yokai, Sugar babe Gacha for SaNaRae Event Ice Cream:Yokai, Sugar babe Gacha for SaNaRaeEvent Shoes:ROC, Lace up Sandals


Hair:Due, Cheeseburger for Prismagica Tiare:Astralia, Hope tiara Choker:Violent seduction, Flourish open  Dress and panties:Kaithleen's, Romantic Loose for The TrunkShow Ballons:Violent seduction Shoes:EMPIRE, Peony

First sounds of Autumn

Hair:elikatera, Nadia Coat:David Heather, Fain Fur for Collabor88 Jumpsuit:TETRA, Deep-V Velvet Shoes:MAJESTY, Lucite Heel Bootie for Kustom9 Squirrel:Yokai, First sounds of autumn for Whimsical

Rabbit Albinos

Hair:Truth, Elie Gift August Necklace:.ST. Crescent Ears:Evermore, Used Pencils Gacha Harness leg:NANA, Evalyn Harness for SuicideDollz Body:Kaithleen's, Harnessed  Shoes:CURELESS, Snow Bunny Slipers

Jasmine Fragrance

Hair:Phoenix, Chloé Bustier:Yokai, Jasmine Fragrance Gacha (RARE) for The Enchantment Arm:Spirit Gift Wings:Evermore, Tenshi no Tsubasa Gift
Pose:Kirin, Rika 5 for Kustom9

Queen of the light

Hair:Sintikila, Caramella Duo Horns:Mushilu, DevilJU for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Necklace:Mushilu, DevilJU for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Shoulders: Mushilu, DevilJU for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Top armor:Mushilu, DevilJUfor The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Boots:Mushilu, DevilJU for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The White World

Hair:::Exile::, Liaison Necklace:::Exile::, Liaison Eyes:CURELESS, Collyrium Eyes Tears:CURELESS, Dramatic! Showa Sparkles Set & Skirt:Kaithleen's, Silky Latex for Cosmopolitan

Thinks to you

Hair: elikatera, Thea
Headband: *Lode*, Begatiba Wreath Gacha for TheChapter Four
Dress:Kaithleen's, Sheer Lace for FetishFair
Flower: *Lode*, Blossom Single Peony

The darker side of me

Hair:Moon, Smother
Tears and Tattoo:CURELESS Bandeau:*N*, Angels with closed eyes Top:NANA, Monique Harness for Suidide Dollz Wings:Yokai, Color of the night Gacha Sword:Luas, Midori Sai Gift for The Epiphanie