Affichage des articles du août, 2018

La princesse grenouille

Hair: Stealthic, Haven for Collabor88 Crown:Sorumin, Modern Princess Gacha for Enchantement Earrings:Yokai, Princess Frog Gacha Top&Skirt:Sorumin, Modern Princess Gacha for Frog:Yokai, Croak Croak - Princes Froggy RARE Gacha for Enchantement

Betty Boop

Hair:Doe, Blossom Lipstick:Shiny Stuffs, Goodnight Kiss Top:Kaithleen's, Pepa Wrap for Mesh Body Addict Short:Kaithleen's, Laced Shorts Necklace:NamiiChu, Loveny Choker for The Girl Power Event Water Wing:Choize, Sxeet summer day Gacha for The GirlPower Event

Magique Ana

Hair: Moon, Haiku Earrings:NamiiChu , Lovely Choker for The GirlPower Event Top:Kaithleen's, Irina Shorts:Kaithleen's, Striped Ribon  for Fameshed Crystal Shards:Moon Phase for The GirlPower Event Shoes:REIGN, Heart platforms

Pyjama party

Hair:Doe, Samira Eyes:SONG, Kiko for The GirlPower Event Stickers:SugarBun, Cute Face Stickers for The GirlPower Event Choker:NamiiChu, Lovely Choker for the The GirlPower Event Top&Short:Sorumin, Lace up Gacha for The GachaGarden Pegasus:Yokai, Little mermaids Gacha  RARE for The Fantasy Carnival Nails:*PL*

Fantastique bunny

Hair:TRUTH, Zuko Gift Eyes:Avoixs, Melikey E01 for The GirlPower Event Lipstick:Shiny Stuffs, Goodnight Kiss Nails: PiAD, Dream Nail for The GirlPower Event Mask:Yokai, My Game Gacha for FetishFair Body:Kiukiu, Sugary Outfit for The GirlPower Event Shoes:fri., Coco Janes

Rose lumineux

Hair:Doe, Gaz Lipstick:Shiny Stuffs, Goodnight kiss Top:Kaithleen's, Olga Lace for FameshedGo Short:Kaithleen's, Laced Short for ShinyShabby Pose:Suga-Suga, Magical Girl Bento for The GirlPower Event open 8th


Detail Picture
Hair: Pink Hustler, Disordered Gacha for Equal10 Top:Sorumin, Cute Lingerie Gacha for SaNaRae Bra:Sorumin Cute Lingerie Gacha for SaNaRae Pose:Luanes World, World Royal Dogs Tropical Cocktail:Yokai, Nalu Gacha for SaNaRae
Lipstick:Shiny Stuffs
Loli: See Blog


Hair:Tableau Vivant, Flora Gacha for TheEpiphanie Hat:Una, Elia Gacha for PocketGacha Top:Una, Elia Gacha for PocketGacha Jacket:Una, Elia Gacha for PocketGacha Capri:Una, Elia Gacha for PocketGacha Phone:VCO, Honey Deco Phone